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To grow a company worthly of its customer's praise

When I was first starting out in the IT field, a client of a long established medical corporation shared with me their motto, "be pleased to please". Although I heard it over 10 years ago, those words still strongly resonate with me.

The client has remained in business for a long time because he shares the same fundamental principles with the healthcare professionals he works alongside. As a result of this practice, one can see they are both appreciated and supported by their patients.

As a private company in the market economy, it is inevitable to seek profits, and its only possible to remain sustainable and develop further with such profits. However, we believe there is more behind busines than just this. A company's ability to exist in society and continue to develop is a direct result from the support of its customers.

The era of just making products has ended. And after an era of providing value added products and goods that cater to customer needs, there is now a transition into sustainability for society as a whole. There is a new demand for sustainable development goals that we take upon ourselves to follow. We will provide services to our clients as well as their customers, along with each individual who encounters GRAPEs while maintaining our company motto of being a company worthy of its customer's praise.


→Origin of the company name

Company Profile

Trade name


JAPANESE : ぶどう株式会社  CHINESE : 葡萄有限公司


To provide a one-stop shop for integrated services across various specialized fields to allow clients can progress in business innovation and digital transformation faster.

Main business activites

  • Creation and operation of websites, online applications and online services
  • Software design, development and maintenance
  • Corporate strategy assistance and innovation, marketing research, big data analytics
  • Advertising, photography, publishing, various promotions
  • Product planning, design, development, manufacturing, sales
  • Product imports and exports and consultation
  • Freight transport consulting
  • Foreign language translation of services

Corporate Social Responsibility

Supporting member of Public Interest Incorporated Association "小さないのちのドア"

Association participated

A Member of Public Service Corporation "Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry"

A Member of Public Service Corporation "堺納税協会 (Sakai Tax Payment Association)"

Supporting member of NPO "NEMTUS Non-Profit Organization"

Year of Establishment

April 2021


  • Hironobu Yoshizawa
  • Yoshihide Watanabe
  • Arnaud Rachez
  • Shuzo Ogushi
  • Cheah Khoon Ming
  • Saho Okada


  • Yukio Yata

Head Office

5F AB, Dairin Bldg, 1-6-5, Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, OSAKA CITY, 550-0014, JAPAN

Osaka Uehonmachi

1-19, Ikutamamae machi, Tennoji-ku, OSAKA CITY, 543-0072, JAPAN


Email :
Fax : 06-6775-5597

Board Members

Hironobu Yoshizawa

Transport Expert

Company Administrator

Representative Director of the regional representative transportation company Yoshizawa Transport Co., Ltd. Based in all three prefectures of the Hokuriku region and Niigata managing approximately 200 vehicles. Transporting all kinds of products including petroleum products by large tanker trucks, steel materials by large trailers, chemical transportation by ISO containers, and industrial waste collection and transportation, mainly by inner company vehicles. In adaptation to the aging society, our company is utilizing its strengths in "transportation" for social welfare, to fabricate a support plan for people who are facing issues with moving around in regional areas.

MessageI am a rural dweller in Toyama with 6 children. My hobbies are running, reading and watching movies. I also enjoy communicating with a variety of people, including those from overseas.

→Yoshizawa Transport Co., Ltd.

Yoshihide Watanabe

IT System Development Expert

Product Manager
Technical Engineer

Currently employed at a video distribution content delivery network company (Mothers Market, Japanese Stock Market). Through joint management with Fujitsu Business Systems, Watanabe was a forerunner in hotel reservation systems and began "yoyaQ". As well as managing the development of dental reservation systems he and then introduced IDC at Softbank Technology, systems for nuclear power stations and photo studios. After developing a pre-sale WEB service for substitute products he reached his current position.

MessageDue to the continuation of remote work at home, without realizing I gained weight. So now I go to the gym several times a week to watch a movie in the middle of the night.

Arnaud Rachez

AI / Machine Learning Expert

Product Manager
Data Analyst
Backend Engineer

Of French nationality, he is the CEO of Linalgo Co., Ltd. in France. While his native language is French, he speaks English at business level, and holds Level 1 (N1)in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. He contributed as a practitioner of machine learning and natural language processing at IBM and Google. Awarded the Ad Spam Top Scoping Result Award from Google. Later started a business in France in 2017 and continues to lead the development team now.

MessageEver since I first studied abroad in Japan at the age of 20, I have held a deep interest in Japanese language and culture. My hobbies are traveling abroad and learning languages. Furthermore, my goal is to be able to use Japanese in various areas, including business.

Shuzo Ogushi

Photograph expert

Art Director

Representative Director of Cell Company Co., Ltd. He has captured prominent figures from various fields including shoots for Danjuro Ichikawa, Masahiro Shinoda, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and the National Trust. In TIME Magazine, he photographed Keizo Obuchi, the then Prime Minister, and Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokemon. He is also actively shooting at overseas locations.

MessageI find fun in the personality of photographs that have both purity and impurity. Sublime, dignity, and tranquility: words I like but have little to do with me. I'm usually absorbed in expression, but on holidays I'm bet down so much at tennis that I can barely recover.

→Cell Company Co., Ltd.

Cheahチア Khoonクーン Mingミン

Translation expert

A multilingual speaker of Malaysian nationality. He speaks English, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and Malay at business level, and Chinese (Mandarin / Hokkien / Taiwanese) at native level. Furthermore, he holds Level 1 (N1) in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and is actively involved in Japanese, Chinese, and English education.

MessageHello all. I have a very shy personality, so even if you talk to me, my answers may be brief, slow, or none at all, so please forgive me!

Saho Okada

Trade Practice Expert

Trade Practice Consultant

Okada spent her childhood in Hong Kong and holds a strong interest in China. She obtained the highest HSK 6th grade in the Chinese Proficiency Test. Her experience includes handling imports and exports as a forwarding agent for a logistics company and working as an overseas sales support expatriate. Her main responsibilities are practical trade consulting, administration, and Chinese translation.

MessageI enjoy watching high school baseball games and traveling. Traveling to Hong Kong is my most pleasurable refreshment, as I can't currently travel abroad I am watching the city of Hong Kong on YouTube.

Yukio Yata

Yata started out working at a long-established large machinery tools manufacturer in the research and development department. The position had involvement in all areas of processing, from materials, heat treatment, manufacturing, and product inspection. Following this, he changed fields and moved into the education industry, where he has been involved in school management for over 10 years. In addition to his current supporting role, he works in the IT field and as a manufacturer of plant machine components. His experience in IT extends from front end to advertising and marketing. English and Chinese Mandarin speaking level is at daily conversation. Since 2022, he has been a member of the board of councilors of a private high school.

MessageAfter reaching 30 years old, I saw things in a new light thanks to traveling abroad. From there my interests spread even further overseas. I am currently studying both English and Chinese year by year, but progress is slow. Although I am aware my ability is lacking, I know it is worth not giving up yet.

Business Overview

Digital Transformation Strategy Consulting

Together with GRAPEs specialists and partners, we can provide optimal solutions for your business's efficiency.


In addition to translating already existing materials, we offer services for regular translations of newly created website designs, online systems as well as domestic marketing strategies, advertisements, and branding for foreign clients.

Website Design

Not only website design, but consulting with the client as to what is an effective catalyst, while taking into account the clients perspective. More than just making a website but one from the perspective of Internet marketing.

System Application Development

While keeping an UI / UX design in mind, consistent development of your website is achievable by having front end, back end, and project management services handled in-house.

Big Data analytics / statistical analysis / AI / Machine Learning

Our in-house data scientists and DX strategy team can tailor to your company's needs and offer services from big data analytics to solutions.

Marketing Research

Through real-life trends and online data analysis, we will identify together what your customers' needs are and what is required to meet them.


Design, photography, and imagery are important factors in corporate branding. All are realized effortlessly by a team of in-house professionals.


Demonstrate a high affinity through marketing strategies. We support a wide range of advertisements, from print mediums for signboards, posters and leaflets to online advertisements such as search advertising, display, video, and retargeting advertisements.


We will contribute to your business innovation through comprehensive consultation. Combining together mechanical and chemical transportation, waste collection and transportation, with foreign trade and other various services our company can provide.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a supporter of Sustaianble Development Goals

Origin of Company Name

When you hear "GRAPEs Inc.", you may mistakenly take us for selling fruits or wine.

However, to focus more on the word itself, grapes bear many individual fruits that all are connected to the stem of the grapevine, and when these fruits gather together a bunch is formed.

In addition, grapes produce many unique varieties as one of the oldest and most frequently cultivated fruits in history that has continued to exist alongside people’s lives. Around 2000 years ago, in a letter sent by the Jewish and Roman citizen Paul to his beloved disciple Timothy, he wrote "From now don't drink merely water alone, but for the stomach and frequent illnesses, have a small amount of wine". In this way, wine culture also developed due to the sterilization abilities and pharmacological effects of alcohol. Thanks to this, wine has served as a beloved drinking water from the Middles East to Europe where clean water resources are scarce.

Single fruits of different shapes and sizes connect to one vine together to make an even larger fruit, thus forming one complete bunch. This process of coming together and forming one, as well as being adored by people overlaps with the ideals our company is striving towards.

Among various company names, even Apple, Ichigo, and Peach Aviation alike despite the name giving little indication to what kind of company it is, they are respected and adored by many people.
"So isn't it okay to also use GRAPEs Inc.?"

This why we decided on the name "GRAPEs Co." and instead of opting for kanji or English, we intentionally left company's domestic name in Hiragana script. As a Japanese company our goal was to give a notion of Japanese characteristics. In addition, the English name "GRAPEs" was incorporated instead of instead of "GRAPE VINE" to emphasize the gathering of each individual.